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Monday, February 3, 2014

Questions for Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 2014

The Good Book

1.) In Lamentations 12:26  what is suggested as the proper way fellow humans should greet each other?

Answer: "My fellow-sufferer, my companion in miseries."

2.) In Lamentations 12:29, name one of the four things we all owe to our neighbors, that everyone needs?

Answer: Tolerance, Patience, regard and love of neighbor. 

3.) If life had intrinsic value, what would there be no need for?

Answer: Boredom

4.) What word is used to describe all of existence?

Answer: Vain

5.) What is considered the illusion of possible good, and is also described as prolonging torment?

Answer: Hope

The Really Hard Problem

1.) What is the thesis that consciousness has no physical effects?

Answer: Epiphenomenalism 

2.) According to what theory is sentience a biologically emergent feature of non-sentient life?

Answer: The theory of Evolution

3.) (T/F) The Dalai Lama provides the possibility proof that a great spiritual tradition and science can find peace, possibly even mutually enrich each other.

Answer: True

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