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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bigger than Phil?

Something to consider at Sunday Assembly:

"...the need for God never vanishes. Mel Brooks’s 2000 Year Old Man, asked to explain the origin of God, admits that early humans first adored “a guy in our village named Phil, and for a time we worshipped him.” Phil “was big, and mean, and he could break you in two with his bare hands!” One day, a thunderstorm came up, and a lightning bolt hit Phil. “We gathered around and saw that he was dead. Then we said to one another, ‘There’s something bigger than Phil!’ ” The basic urge to recognize something bigger than Phil still gives theistic theories an audience, even as their explanations of the lightning-maker turn ever gappier and gassier..."
Adam Gopnik: When Did Faith Start to Fade? : The New Yorker

More J&M "spiritual" strips...

The world suffices

The universe is our home; the celestial vault is our horizon; eternity is here and now. This moves me far more than the Bible or the Koran. It astonishes me far more than miracles (if I believed in them). Compared to the universe, walking on water is a cinch!
Why would you need a God? The universe suffices. Why would you need a church? The world suffices. Why would you need faith? Experience suffices.

22 answers to those 22 questions from creationists:

Bill Moyers and in conversation about science, religion, and the universe

The difference between Philip drunk and Philip sober shows that feeling good isn't always the best test of truth.

Agnostic filmmaker Morgan Spurlock tells why he'll go ‘Inside’ Nashville's Sunday Assembly" this week.

The Dangers of Certainty: A Lesson From Auschwitz, via

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