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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daily Quiz

Feb 18

1. Alex Rosenberg says answers to scientific questions don’t come packaged in what form?  

2. What branch of science gives us the “whole truth about reality”? 
3. What are the two basic kinds thing composing everything in the universe?

4. What's Rosenberg's answer to why  we're here?

5. How could reality have been worse?

6. Does Rosenberg claim that physics, "the whole truth about reality," is also the whole truth about humanity?

7. What's Rosenberg's scientistic position on "the purpose of the universe"?

8. A favorite verse from today's scripture in The Good Book?

1. A: stories (p. 7/8). 2.  A: physics  (p. 19/20). 3. fermions and bosons (matter and fields of force)-p.20/21. 4. "Just dumb luck"-p.2. 5. God-p.ix. 6. yes-p.25. 7. There is none-p.43. 8. Histories 1.7, 3.34-36

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