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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Daily Quiz


1. Who was John Templeton?

2. What's Rosenberg's view of purpose in biology and evolution? OR, What's the significance of the slogan "No Newton for the blade of grass"?

3. What does scientistic Darwinisn "need to show" in order to forestall intelligent design, special creation, and biblical inerrancy?

4. What's the essence of natural selection?

5. Name one of biological evolution's three distinctive features.

6. How does male sexuality illustrate the extreme wastefulness of natural selection?

7. What's the Ussher event? Is it possible? OR, Would it reconcile Darwinian science with Genesis?

8. Favorite verses from The Good Book?

1. Native of Winchester TN, billionaire founder of the eponymous foundation dedicated to "affirming life's spiritual dimension" and reconciling religion & faith with science & reason. p,45. 2. It's gratuitous, "banished"; physics fixes the facts of biology, 46-7. 3. Natural selection is adaptation's only source-53. 4. Nature's passivity and lack of foresight-56. Quick&dirty, emergent complexity/diversity, cooperation&competition-68. 6. Most sperm, all but one in a million, miss their mark-74. 7. Yes, in the sense that it "would satisfy physics..." AND Yes.


Why George Carlin, God love him, was wrong: mass extinction events-76. (See E. Kolbert's The Sixth Extinction, which we'll be reading in Environmental Ethics next Fall.)

What else? Collaborate with me on this please.

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  1. I can't make it today, although I might be able to be there for the Boulevard afterward. Wish I could be in class today!