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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Group 3. Morality and all that jazz...

DQ: What is Plato's dilemma?
FQ: Scientism and Nihilism are separable according to Rosenberg. False. Pg. 99

DQ: Is the scavenger's metaphor a fair comparison to the intellectual sensibilities of the assumed correlating human dilemma.
FQ: The norms in pastoral and agricultural cultures are the same. False. pg. 139

There's a certain dialectical contradiction in jazz. To play it well, with a certain bourgeoisie sensibility, one must know music theory to a masterful extent, and have complete control over harmony, melody, and rhythm. Because of this, the slick minded find Jazz extremely tasteful and beautiful, as it is the progress of a certain history to the point of it being able to look back upon itself. The contradiction is apparent; however, when we realize that with the entire wealth of history and a complete mastery of music theory and performance, the product is just a bunch of players breaking all the rules and playing what they want in discord with each other. Yet, for some reason, we still view the disharmonious chaos as a cooperation in anarchy because the anarchy is intended.

Such a beautiful metaphor for life, I think. A perfect allegory. Of course, the anarchy is not intended in life, it is inherited.

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