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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Poll Claims Nye Won But It Doesn't Matter

Here's an excerpt from a Salon article published today:

92 percent of the more than 37,000 voters taking a poll on the evangelical website Christian Today said Nye won. Certainly, as has been noted, the self-selecting poll could have been invaded by evolutionists. But if this was not the case, the poll results suggest a few possible interpretations: 1) Self-identifying Christians don’t agree with Ham, 2) Christians believe Nye performed better, even if they disagreed with his points, 3) a mixture of the above. 
The latest Gallup poll on the evolution/creation question in the U.S. found that a whopping 46 percent of Americans believe in some sort of young-earth creation story (that God created humans in their current form within the last 10,000 years). The consensus over Nye’s win on the Christian Today likely little to do with The Science Guy converting creationists to Darwinists. A number of responses to the debate from Christians supportive of Ham’s position suggest why: Nye may well have been a better debater — the winner, even — but it doesn’t matter. 
Blogger Don MacCallister commented, “I love my pastor’s conclusion to this: After watching the Nye/Ham debate last night I walked away with this one truth: I am not a ‘reasonable man’ I am a sinner saved by God’s grace. I will build my life on that foundation.
Boom. There you have it.

The take away is that faith insulates religion from facts about the world. Now I'm having second thoughts about exposure.  If 46% of Americans still believe in some form of young-earth Creationism supported by faith, then faith is evidently shielding them from embarrassment as well.

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  1. That MacCallister quote makes me want to roll my eyeballs to the point of no return, whilst beating my head against a nail-riddled wall... -_-

    Please don't judge us all by the fringes.