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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Daily Quiz

Feb 6

1. What do some psychologists mean by "positive illusion"?

2. What is hedonics? OR, name one of the three kinds of happiness studied by hedonics.

3. How many of us are happy, according to most positive psychology books?

4. Are you (probably) happier than a Detroit sex worker?

5. (T/F) Happiness is a polysemic term.

6. How do positive psychologists typically distinguish illusion from delusion?

7. (T/F) Flanagan thinks we should discourage false belief and the idea that positive illusions make people happy. 

8. Paraphrase one or more of your favorite verses (or least favorite, if your glass is half empty) from today's reading in The Good Book.

(Mine: Sages 9.13 & 16.3, Songs 10 -pp.130, 134, 138)

Also of note:

Ray Kurzweil; objections to OF's "hedonometer" (150); flow & SWB (151, & APPENDIX); EWB; Aristotle on happiness (157); the left prefrontal cortex (159); Matthieu Ricard (160); Trump, Murdoch, Hefner (161-2); mindfulness (165-6); 1st person reports (167); living in the cave (170); the examined life (171); hopefulness, belief, unrealistic optimism (174-5); exaggerated & unrealistic beliefs (176); optimists & pessimists (177);

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