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Saturday, February 1, 2014

GROUP THREE review of last Thursday

Sorry I'm a little last posting, I'm still figuring out how to manage school, wedding planning and buying/finding a house, I'm a tad disorganized! I really enjoyed Thursdays class. Primarily the circle at the end about the reality of a god or what reality in this sense constitutes. It was also interesting to hear ( I can't remember our classmates name :() story about faith healing and the ensuing discussion about the veracity of faith healing.

I'm very interested in what Schwarzwald was saying. Though I may have not interpreted it correctly. What I got from it was that god is real in the believers mind and due to that the god they believe in has an effect on the outside world, making him in a sense, real. <that's very difficult for me to write in a more sensical way, so I hope you all get what I'm trying to say.

I will come back sometime tomorrow or Monday to post a few FQs, I thought we could just keep the same system as before, I'll read the first 1/3 of RHP and everyone else read the third we decided on a week ago Thursday. Have a safe weekend!


  1. Roxy, I'm interested in that too: the "real effects" of a belief, even when its object(s) is/are presumptively unreal. Now the question becomes: do we countenance precipitative belief per se as itself real and "natural"? Or is it a form of delusion that we must hope to eradicate, if our species is to achieve real growth and progress?

  2. In certain was I believe it is necessary to eradicate for real progress. I say certain and not all because I'm sure there are instances that I haven't entertained. It is definitely a good discussion question, one I'd enjoy discussing further.

    On another note, I posted a group 3 normative mind science post with factual questions, and now I don't see it. I could've sworn I saw it posted on here last night, but now it's gone. Should I just try to rewrite it up? Or was it deleted for a reason?