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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Attention Group 3: Group Projects

Our projects are next Thursday, March 6th.

We will be individually presenting our best arguments within the broad topic of "Atheism."
We will be using a powerpoint to better illustrate and provide a flow to our argumentation, so please post a brief summary on your angle/interpretation of the problem below for the clarification and benefit of the group, and so we can organize everything in a powerpoint, and easily prepare our outline.

ALSO, we will be meeting on Monday,  March 3, 2014 to put together our presentations, and offer some cohesion to our individual analyses.

- William


  1. My part of the presentation will be on if there indeed can be a cohesion of both Atheist and those who take part is theistic components. The best example I can give of this would be atheist churches. The fact that there is a service that seems to have the same euphoric effect as many of our modern day churches without invoking the name of deity is fascinating to me. Does it make it any more right or wrong to not use the name of deity? Do Christians have a monopoly on what is considered faith? or even worship for that matter? Devin Phipps

  2. Nah Phil, we have no respect for the arbitrary space time continuum in this group.