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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Daily Quiz

Feb 11

1. By ignoring what distinction do spiritual & religious conceptions cause themselves difficulty?

2. What sort of traditional theism can seem to coexist with the scientific image of persons?

3. What's OF's view of theistic epistemologists?

4. What view of textual authority is largely idiosyncratic to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?

5. How does OF understand "spiritual but not religious"?

6. What's the "worst question to ask"? Why?

7. What's OF's "Good News"?

8. Paraphrase one or more of your favorite verses (or least favorite, if your glass is half empty) from today's reading in The Good Book. Songs (GB 147-171)... I like 50: "Look to today..." And 110: "Walk up those paths..."

Also of note:

Why wasn't OF's God loving or compassionate? What was young Owen's Nietzschean/Dostoevskyan sensibility? Which Catholic theologian influenced him positively? (184)

What philosophical proposition hooked OF? (185) What does he regret not doing?What simple question did he go to grad school to address? (186)

What does OF think Plato got right? (187) Aristotle? (188)

What's the difference between believing vs. believing in believing? (190)

Is expressivism committed to truth?  Is religion unique in allowing untestable expression? (191)

What's OF's Santa-meaning analogy? Is it unfair of atheists to criticize theists for asserting the reality of miracles, reincarnation, etc.? (193)

What is it about "location" that most people seem immune to noticing? (195)

What is HADD, what does it make us "see"? (196)

What's OF's view of natural "immortality" or life extension? (203)

What's God's useful policing function? (204)

What does "religio" mean? (205)

Do you know any good Calvinist jokes? (262)

What's better about natural glue (than supernatural)? (207)

Why does OF meditate? (211)

Why "think globally, act locally"? (213)

What's the main message of Mill's utilitarianism? (215)

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