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Monday, February 10, 2014

Brief Summary-Group #1

Hey everybody. After finishing the last chapter in RHP, I decided to write a very, very brief summary that summarizes the major ideas I took from this book.


Brief Summary:

       Flanagan proposes that at the very minimum, we should seek to transcend a narrow, local, occluded view of the world, of our companions, and ourselves, and to locate a wider, broader, deeper way of making sense of things and finding meaning. He suggests we find these things within the six Spaces of Meaning that he outlines. The six spaces of: Art, science, technology, ethics, politics and spirituality/religion. He tells us that, “Living is a psycho-poetic performance, a drama that is our own, but that is made possible by our individual intersection and that of our fellow performers in a Space of Meaning.” He states that the way we feel, speak, move, and think are based largely on our interaction and participation within the Spaces of Meaning. He also speaks clearly on his opinion that we intertwine our participation in these Spaces of Meanings for a more complete and a more fulfilling life.

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  1. That's a good summary. When we quest for meaning we're just doing what comes naturally. No "supernaturalist glue" required. Our respective personal quests for meaning connect us to larger goals and introduce us to greater possibilities and more opportunities to flourish, as we traverse those meaning spaces. We're not "lost in the cosmos" when we affirm naturalism/humanism/atheism/secularism, we're safe at home.