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Friday, February 10, 2012

Vlog or presentation?

So this is just to inform everyone of what they would be getting into and see which you all would prefer. I promise I have enough information to do either. lol


  1. I think that I would gain more knowledge from asking questions, seeing as I don't even know what to ask about your mythology, rather than seeing a ritual done without the full meaning that it is suppose to represent/fulfill. It would be interesting to see, but it would be lacking what I think is important to a ritual and maybe even insulting to you by having to halfway do something that is significant to you and your religion. Either/or, I'll learn something new.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    I think the Vlog along with your written commentary would be an excellent way for the class to observe the ritual. You could give us the history of Paganism as well as emphasize current understanding of the practice and possibly dispel any misunderstandings about the religion.

    Also, the class environment would be too sterile. And, like you said, the setup would be an issue given the general time allotment for 'live' presentations. I would like to see the real deal performed in a natural environment. One could only imagine that there must be some lighting and props involved so just turn on the camera and do your thing.

    Another consideration is this: if preparation for the ritual involves a lot of props and you get pulled over for a minor traffic violation by the Murfreesboro police on your way to class, then, in the process, you tell them that you're on your way to perform a Pagan ritual in a classroom full of atheists, we may have to call someone to bail you out of jail. Just a thought.

    I will say, I'm looking forward to the "magic" portion of the ritual.

    That's just my two cents.

  3. I sort of agree that a video blog would give you more freedom to do things how you want, at the length of time that you want, and with the explanation you want. It would be excellent to see you have the opportunity to fully detail and explain your beliefs and ethics in the written word in a way you wouldn't have time to in class.

    While I'm generally interested in the metaphysics of your belief, I think considering the ostensible class 'question' we're focusing on, talking about the pagan grounding for ethics would be most on topic and I'd be interested in that as well!

  4. Could you do the vlog, and then a short presentation spotlighting just a few highlights?

    Either way, I'd like to know more about what kinds of "magic" you believe in or practice, whether you think of it as supernatural, and what your pagan rituals do for you "spiritually" that any other forms of devotion you're familiar with could not do for you.