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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Any Plantinga fans out there?

Wherein Professor Coyne wades through Plantinga's justification for believing in God without evidence. Some real heavy-duty, sophisticated theology here, folks.


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  1. Oh dear, yes, what a tangled thicket of logic.

    Is it me or are "sophisticated" theistic arguments just a bunch of shell games with newly invented philosophic jargon. Deepak didn't even have the decency to invent his own--he hijacked his fuzzy woo from quantum mechanics.

    All of it sounds impressive for about 10 minutes (especially if they're waving their arms and shouting in an oratory fashion) until one realizes the theory is just as applicable to garden fairies and Spaghetti Monsters.

    At least Plantinga make a go at it. That's more than I can say for the Southern Baptists in the Southwestern Journal of Theology who said that atheists are just mad at god. Then they go home from church and keep repeating Psalm 14 over and over to themselves with their fingers in their ears.