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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Group 1: John Harris - "Wicked or Dead?"

I am not going to write a full response or critique of this essay just yet, partially because I need to rework my second midterm blog post in light of it. This short essay had some absolutely awesome bits in it about agnosticism, enough that I feel compelled to include some of it in my own effort.

Seriously, I feel somewhat like my hair is on fire. I *love* reading things by smart people who are saying much of what I've been saying all semester! I just wish I could write this well. Not fancy or embellished, just straightforward common sense.

On another note, Dr. Oliver, I am having trouble gleaning a factual question from the Blackford essay. It might help me with the others as well if you could give me an example of what you would potentially choose as a question from that particular one.


  1. You mean the Harris essay in particular? Many relevant possibilities leap to mind. How about:

    (T or F) Harris cites Jonathan Miller's answer that he was an atheist rather than an agnostic for the same reason that he's not agnostic about fairies in his garden.


    Who introduced the china teapot analogy?


    Who said he goes "one god further" than those who reject Zeus, Apollo, et al?


    Harris says respect for persons does not entail respect for ______.

  2. Oh wait. I misunderstood. You meant Blackford's "Unbelievable"?

    How about:

    (T/F) Blackford now says atheists are justified in being "blase."

    1. Correct. Ok, that gives me a much better understanding of which way to go on the questions. This one just seemed a little slim on factual options. Good essay, though.