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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This was a Sticky


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  2. I see it, but I don't quite follow the instructions. You can walk me thru it later. Thanks for taking the time, Ben.

  3. Sorry, this should be a little more accurate:
    go to edit the desired post, then click "post settings", then the "published on", instead of "automatic" select "set date and time." then set to future

  4. I think I've got it. But how do you get your post up in the meantime... and then, when the future arrives, how do you keep the sticky on top?

    Found this too:
    Connect to your Blogger account and click "Layout" in the "Dashboard."

    Select "Add a Page Element" and choose the function you want to use as your "sticky post." For example, if you would like to announce an ongoing contest, you can choose "Text" and enter the details. "Text" allows you to add and edit HTML. By selecting "HTML/JavaScript," you also can choose to link to a previously written, archived post that gives the written details of the contest.

    Complete the "Add a Page Element" template, click and drag the item to the "Blog Posts" section.

    Click "Preview" to make sure the sticky post appears at the top of the page. Then click "Save."

    Read more: How to Create a Sticky Post on Blogger | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2070439_create-sticky-post-blogger.html#ixzz1nk7AsQHC

  5. I think you must first make the post as a normal post.
    The set date, I believe, would be the day the post loses its stickiness or disappears.

    I am not sure if that method involves messing with the html code. It might also not work in the "new" blogger design.