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Monday, February 27, 2012

Reason Rally, March 24 2012

Anyone else going to Washington DC next month to attend the Reason Rally? My fiance and I made our hotel reservations months ago, and I put new tires on the hybrid yesterday. I hope its crazy crowded.


  1. "I have a dream today..." Will the president or other politicians participate? Or is it just too radical in this political culture to show a bias for clear and critical thinking?

    Are there any extra seats in the hybrid, David?

    1. There are indeed extra seats. Two people with luggage would make us snug, but doable. The Insight is great, but it's a little smaller than the Prius.

  2. >-< I wish I could go, but it looks like it may not be in the cards this year.

  3. Woah, this looks incredible. I'll cram myself into a suitcase, eh?

  4. So just to be official, we would be willing to offer up our extra seats for the ride down and back. Our hotel also has two queen beds, so we would be willing to split that also. I'll have to check the dates to be sure (we reserved so long ago,) but I think we're going down that Friday and coming the following Sunday.