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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Very informative presentation today, Jamie. I think you should follow your wife's advice and pursue your dream. Do try not to get shot at in the process.

It's a pretty easy reading and posting agenda for Thursday, especially for Group 3: 
Th 23 Blackford (Harris, Mercier, Smart, Oppy, Clark)
And we'll hear a report presentation from Daniel on "Nietzsche & Morality." 

Steven & Ben are NOT presenting on Thursday, so there's an open slot if anyone lower in the que wishes to go ahead and do it. Let me know.

Please submit questions  & topics for the exam, everyone. I'd like to get it written this weekend. (If you're wondering what questions should look like, there are some examples in my comments after David's post on the Harris essay.)

Symphony of Science, melodysheepNeil deGrasse Tyson, Onward to the Edge

REMINDER: John Lachs-"Why is Good Enough not Good Enough for Us?" Berry Lecture Thu, Feb 23, 7:30pm Vanderbilt Furman Hall 114

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