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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Rachel's account of being terrorized by church officials offering to "help" her and her little brother deal with their Mom's damnable "sin" is very upsetting, almost enough to make me rethink my anti-strident stance. Many theists reject the whole concept, of course, but those who don't are perpetrating real evil.


  1. Unbelievable. Not coming from a religious upbringing, I had no idea the extremes that religious followers would go through to "save people". The worst part is that they feel morally right in their actions. Like it was said in class, they feel like they are pushing you out of the way of the truck that is going to run you over. What if I don't see the truck, don't believe that it is there, and I take offense that you pushed me? I don't believe that you can use fear to base an argument on, ever.

  2. Precisely. Deliberately instilling fear of torture in a child is itself a form of torture, however well-intentioned.