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Monday, February 27, 2012

Next (re-posted)

Terrific presentation from Daniel on Nietzsche. Took me right back to 1982, when I fancied myself a budding Nietzsche scholar. But then I discovered Willy James. A few thoughts on "the transvaluator," & on John Lachs's Berry Lecture: Good enough for greatness...
T  28 Blackford (Shermer, Randi, Tom, Kitcher, Edis).
We'll have more presentations on Tuesday: Ben & Steven, Religion & Neuroscience;  Meghan, Parenting Beyond Belief OR Matthew, tba... 

Syllabus said the exam's on Tuesday, but that's wrong. It'll be Thursday.
Th 1 Exam #1, re-group, Vote on additional text
Our voting options will include "Potluck": instead of a single additional text for those April dates, we could just have everybody "bring their own" whatever (book, article, video, documentary,...) and comment on it. But if you have candidate texts you want us to consider, post your nominations before Thursday.

Don't know if we need to re-group. But we can, if you're tired of always getting stuck with the 2d, 3d (etc.) essay.

Remember, if you're doing blog posts for your midterm report: the last installments should be up by next Thursday (1st). Or maybe Friday, if you need just a little more time.

"A Better Life" is photographer Chris Johnson's exciting atheist book project.  You can get in on the ground floor...

EXAM UPDATE, Monday morning: I'd asked for more proposed questions for Thursday's exam, but didn't get any over the weekend. So: last call.

There's another BERRY LECTURE coming up Thursday night, this one by Reasonable Atheism co-author Rob Talisse. Lecture begins at 7:30 in Furman 114, but come early for booze & informal conversation.

Following up on our brief discussion of the need for a new Sagan, and whether Tyson's up to the job...

(David suggested somehow making my "next" posts remain in place at the top of the page, so timely bulletins don't get buried beneath the scroll. Does anybody knows how to do that?)

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