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Friday, February 10, 2012

God : Emotional masturbation?

Hopefully this one plays right. Thunderf00t is one of those "PZ Meyers" types that's typically pretty bound to create a good deal of contentious debate.


  1. I don't usually click on links with "masturbation" in the title, but I got 20 seconds in. Had to bail when he demonized Pokemon, which my kids adore. Tney've not been Satanized.

    Seriously, I suspect some of our classmates (and not just the theists) will be offended by this. I hope they'll choose not to. (But I'm neither condemning nor defending the video, which I really did quit at the 20" mark.)

    Beyond that, I will say that I think we nonbelievers do ourselves and our theist friends a disservice when we allow idiots like Rev. Whatever here to speak for all of religion. Before commenting on religion in any generic sense I always try to recall some of the many people I respect and love, personal friends like my Best Man and intellectual heroes like John Updike, who happen also to be (or have been) theists. They didn't villify cartoon characters or make ridiculous claims about eternal hell-fire. They tend to be Platonists and romantics and good human beings. They're not emotional masturbators.

    But, I'm not offended either.

  2. Oh boy, the demonizing of pokemon was just an extreme example. The thesis of the video is that the idea of god is really created out of the psychological need for company - that as social creatures we crave company. It then poses the question that, is god merely just a super powerful imaginary friend that you feel warm and fuzzy about having, because he loves you unconditionally, and is always there? (Not too unlike the relationship between my pokemon and I)

  3. Thanks, maybe I shouldn't have bailed.

    But I still think the more sophisticated theists aren't just wanting to hold hands with an Imaginary Friend, they really have a deep conviction that there's more-- "More"-- in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in our secular philosophies. I don't think they deserve to be infantilized for that.

    Catch 'em all!

  4. I really enjoyed that, I agree with Dr. Oliver that I do not think for a moment that all theists are like, But i do believe that some really are. I doubt that they think of it that way though....
    At first I raged
    But then I lol'd
    I just could not help laughing when he called the Bible, emotional porn.