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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Group 3: Chapter 3

FQ (T/F): Sagan believes that, due to the progression of science, there are becoming less and less earthly phenomena to attribute to direct intervention by a god. (T, pg. 64, "the god of the gaps" theory)
FQ (T/F):  The presence of cyanide within Halley's Comet caused a scare during the early 1900's, despite reassurance from astronomers. (T, pg. 76, during the discussion of CN molecules)

DQ: With the progression of science, do you believe that the outer moon of Saturn, Iapetus, could become habitable, and what implications would that bring about for an Earth in distress?
DQ: Does the presence of organic material throughout various reaches of the universe excite or frighten you?

Also...this is happening

Forget about god, Copernicus is Dead.

Also, this exists.

That puts and end to that.

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