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Monday, April 21, 2014

Colton McKnight Presentation Synopsis

Vacuous and Fairly Untenable Arguments from the Atheist:
A Proactive Approach
            Throughout the years, I have become increasingly interested in atheist thinkers, new and old, and have thoroughly become aware of its common tenets and social movements. As compelling as atheism has been to me, however, I must confess that I often take issue with a few particular arguments maintained, certainly not by all atheists I am familiar with, that appear to be poorly defended and of little intellectual vigor. I hope in this presentation to present some of these arguments fairly, discuss the points at which I take issue, and to propose a more fitting way in which to engage in more respectable, profitable dialogue. 


  1. Aw, interested in seeing how this works out!!!

  2. Me too! Thanks for promptly posting your summary. Moving you up in the batting order...

  3. I can't post anything on the site...

    1. Want me to send you another author invite? You have to open it, to post.

  4. Hey, can I set my presentation back for Thursday? Sorry for the late notice. I fell asleep while trying to finish the project last night, and I still, for some reason, can't post on the site outside of commenting on posts.

  5. Enjoyed your report, Colton, but must confess that I haven't spoken with any credible atheists who thought it was enough to tar all of religion merely by mentioning the Westboro Baptist Church or its ilk. But there are obnoxious atheists out there. WHy should that surprise? They're all only human.