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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Group 1: Chapter 3

Textual Questions

In terms of evolution, is survival the rule or the exception?  A: exception

How many unmoved prime movers are in Aristotle’s argument for polytheism?  A: several dozen

The Newtonian gravitational superstructure replaced the concept of angels with what formula?  A: GMm/r 2

Discussion Question

Will the new TV series Cosmos further divide Bible literalists and science? 

Further, here's Wikipedia's list of some of the known creation myths around the world. This list tops out at around 100.  

Fun Fact

I think anyone who's attended a church service will get a kick out of this. 

Upon arriving late for church, it is important to follow the appropriate Liturgical Rules for latecomers. These rules vary from church to church. There is no single "Christian rule" for late arrivals. In fact, the lack of uniformity on this matter has been a major obstacle to ecumenical relationships. To follow the Pentecostal Rule upon arrival at a Catholic mass, or the Anglican Rule upon arrival at a Presbyterian service, would generally be considered a serious liturgical indiscretion.
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  1. If you aint talking about Yoruba creationism, you aint talkin about nothin.

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    2. Neal deGrasse Tyson need to address Yorba creationism on Cosmos. Teach the controversy. He's discriminating against the people of Southwestern Nigeria!

      (I had to repost. deGrass is spelled small d then big G.)