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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Group 1: Sagan—Chapter 1

Sorry, but I'm just getting back to the site and reading VOSE this morning. These questions may be a bit late, but I still found them interesting.

How did Carl Sagan define superstition? A:  Belief without evidence.

Who made the first explicit statement anywhere that the stars we see in the night sky are part of a concentration of stars that we now call the Milky Way Galaxy, one with a specific shape and a specific center? A: Thomas Wright

Discussion question: Does Sagan's Spinoza-esque use of god-language and adding a religious/spiritual element to scientific facts inhibit or enhance the understanding of facts about reality?

Here's a piece in Salon entitled Cosmic Terror: Why Neil deGrasse Tyson has religious fundamentalists so freaked.  The implication is that geocentricism and anthropocentrism are theologically unfathomable for some.

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