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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Daily Quiz

1. Where do traditions come from, and to what end? OR, Does CS think we should reflexively defer to received generational wisdom? OR, What unprecedented condition challenges the present generation?

2. What did the WHO say would be the prompt effect of a nasty nuclear war? OR, Is the extinction of all life on earth at stake? OR, Does CS consider religion in general fatalistic?

3. What pictures are we lucky to have? OR, What is humanity's defining dual enterprise?

4. What "conflict within the human heart" must we negotiate, to survive? OR, What atrophying skills must we rededicate ourselves to developing (especially we in education)? OR, What "commandments" would CS add?

5. What vision of our future does CS find strikingly absent from contemporary culture? OR, Why should we experiment, explore, and search for life in the universe?

6. What kinds of alternative God concepts does CS find irrelevant to the creation of the world or events in history? OR, What's the "zoo hypothesis"?

7. Why should there be a "test of faith" before the issuance of driving & flying licenses? [He's joking of course.] OR, What kind of "kit" should we equip ourselves with?

8. Good Book??

DQs: Do you agree with CS re: "purpose"? (227) -With his view of miracles and skepticism? (230) -With his rejection of the anthropic principle? (232) -With his "absence of evidence" remark? (237)

Do you think it plausible to speak of a god who "merely notes" our free will? 238

Do you agree with CS's interpretation of Einstein's famous "dice" statement? (239-40) -With his "burden of proof" contention? (241) -With his view of Sir James Jeans' thought/energy equivalence? (243) -With his version of materialism? (244-5) -With what he says about "molecular assists"? (247)

1.191-4   2.204,208,207   3.210, 214   4.216-18   5.219, 221   6.236, 238   7.250, 257

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