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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A conversation I overheard

This past Friday I overheard a conversation on how a Christian thought atheists were atheists. He said that atheists have problems with their bodies and that's why they don't believe in God. I was just wondering what others think he meant by this. Also, my boyfriend had to stop me from saying anything to the guy.

On another note, I would like to volunteer to go on the exam day.


  1. Well... if I had fewer problems with my body I suppose I'd be more favorably disposed towards its alleged creator. As it is, I'd have a bone to pick with anyone who "designed" me with (a) a passion for walking, and (b) arthritic hip joints.

    Your boyfriend was just doing his job. My wife often stops me from saying things in public that I probably shouldn't. Guess I oughta bring her to class.

    Thanks for volunteering, Lauren.

    1. I'm going to talk to you after class today, actually.

  2. With my experience as a former fundamentalist to a moderately conservative Christian, I have no idea what the heck he was saying.