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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review Questions

Here are just a couple of good questions I found going through our reading.

RHP (Flanagan)

1.) What does Kant say is, "that which is beyond human knowledge"?
       Answer: The transcendent

2.)Name two of the High six that Peterson and Seligman refer to.
       Answer: Justice, Humaneness, Temperance, wisdom, transcendence, courage.

The Good Book (Grayling)

1.)What does Laelius urge us to regard as the greatest thing in the world?

       Answer: Friendship

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  1. Devin here, I have no earthly idea about how to post questions as a heading so I will post one here.
    Flanagan states that underneath our clothes of culture we have two distinct sets of traits. What were they
    Answer- We have egoistic traits and those of sympathy and compassion.
    Devin here