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Monday, January 27, 2014

I ran across this today on one of the blogs I follow, Atheist Republic and I thought you all might enjoy this quote from the author of, "The Good Book: A Humanist Bible", I know I did.


  1. Great post, Roxy.

    I've always argued that the difference between the New Atheists™ and the old atheists is America's godless Constitution and secular government no longer allows Christians to set us ablaze.

  2. I completely agree with that argument, nicely stated! You'd like that blog probably. It's at atheist republic.com

  3. Thanks. I'm bookmarking it now!

  4. You know, although I do identify myself as a Christian, there is only so much arguing you can do. Far too many people at this time believe that America is a Christian nation and so they campaign and craft policies from a religious point of view. This class is opening my eyes to so many questions I had

    1. Devin here by the way