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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Daily Quiz

Jan 28

1. Can we live fully meaningfully "off the grid"?

2. (T/F) Flanagan agrees straightforwardly that "normative questions cannot be addressed empirically."

3. What's the different between platonic and Platonic space? How does Flanagan propose to understand Plato's theory of forms? What does he say we all try to locate?

4. What's Harry Frankfurt's useful suggestion about meaning, and what three things do we naturally care about?

5. What do we display in greater degree than Thrasymachus and Hobbes recognized?

6. Name one of the High Six "virtues that are mandatory for eudaimonia."

7.  The greatest thing in the world, says Laelius in Concord I.7, is _______.

This was going to be longer but I'm reigning myself in, to make the quiz more aceably user-friendly. But here are some shadow-questions worth pondering too:

In Dennett's attitude and terminology, apparently shared by Flanagan God is a _______ and natural selection is a ________. (Crane, skyhook, concept, reality, myth)

Flourishing can't be achieved unless _______ is.(p55)

(T/F) When we die, consciousness ends along with our impact on the world. (61)

And let's collectively nominate our favorite verses from The Good Book...

Also: I've been asked if we as a class have any plans to get together on the occasion of Sean Carroll's televised debate on Feb. 21. I hadn't heard anything about it. Have any of you? Could be a good excuse for a party, no?

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