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Monday, January 27, 2014

Religious Freedom: Louisiana Style

Religious freedom for many Christians is choosing between Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, or Jesus. 


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    1. Which I think brings up the important question: Why do we call him Jesus? Why not Josh? And why Christ? Surely we don't need to call him by the Greek translation of his name! Why don't we just agree to call him Josh the Savior? That sounds much more marketable than Jesus Christ. Josh the Savior sounds more relatable, more everyman. Josh the Savior sounds like the type of dude who'd be a carpenter and chill with 12 of his closest pals on his time off.

  2. I read an article somewhere about this the other day. At my high school the local church's youth pastors came to eat lunch with students at the school every wednesday and would go around to tables and tell all the kids to come to their church. Sad to say that at that time I was doing it also. I would constantly invite people to come to church with me. Heck I preached at FCA every wednesday morning. In some areas of the south religion in school is very prevalent and kids who are not believers get treated differently. It's really awful in my opinion.

  3. That's my home state! Always with the state-sanctioned brainwashing.