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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Daily Quiz

Jan 23

1. What does Flanagan think is the "hardest question"?

2. What general attitude towards the search for truth and meaning does Flanagan recommend?

3. What is eudaimonics? (OR: What does Flanagan refer to as the empirical-normative inquiry into the nature, causes, and conditions of human flourishing?)

4. Is spirit(uality) "spooky"?

5. What "images" did Wilfrid Sellars enumerate?

6. Name one of Flanagan's sextet of "meaning spaces," OR identify the recent philosopher whose name he borrows to identify it.

7. Why does Flanagan quote Humbert Humbert?

8. What's a Lebenswelt?

9. What assumption about "will" was shared by Aristotle, Hume, Mill, and Dewey?

10. According to Wisdom 17:6, what should we avoid, if possible, altogether?

11. What is the question we are asked to ask ourselves at the end of each chapter on wisdom inThe Good Book?

(Kinda shorted Grayling here... please mention your favorite verses from today's reading.)

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