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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Daily Quiz

Good Book (GB) 1-24

1. (T/F) Grayling says in the epistle that this Good Book, like others of its kind, aims to compel belief.

2. What “one thing” gathers all things, according to Genesis ch1?

3. What is the motto of enlightenment? (Gen 2)

4. What’s the relation between birth and death? (Gen 5)

5. Does corporeality (“body”) belong only to what can be seen? (Gen 7)

6. By what natural process did primitive life first arise? (Gen 9)

7. What pulled each us “out of nothingness”? (Gen 11)

8. “Nature does nothing in vain” is an expression of what general principle or guiding value of inquiry? (Gen 13)

9. What is “mankind’s greatest endeavour”? (Gen 15)

10. What is success, according to the wise? (Wisdom 3)

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