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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Joshua Moore - Introduction, Quiz and Discussion questions

I'm a fleeting, transient thought that is sure to bewilder most upon the deepest scrutiny. An identity is that which is manifest by ourselves either knowingly or unbeknownst to our conscious selves, immediately and in the moment. So, to say that I am a face with a name is not enough. Regardless, my given name is Josh. My experience here on this blue dot of a spaceship Earth has most definitely been worthy of many descriptions. However, let us just say that I am a being whom finds solace in a perpetual musing of the moment we find ourselves the recipient of.

 The only purpose for my continued existence upon this planet must surely be to awaken others to this notion that there is MORE to life than the inherited notion of a pursuit of happiness, that our consciousness is actually that of one being which is experiencing itself as a subjective entity which we call the universe, and that life is truly a dream awaiting our contention that we can manifest it as such.

Here are my questions:

QQ from GB:

Whom/what is the parent and preserver of friendship?
 A: Virtue - p.58, Ch.2, V. 13-14

Where do the past and future gather when you are sitting with your teacher?
 A: Around you.- p.56, Ch.23, V.37

True friendship can only exist between whom?
A: Good people. - p.57, Ch. 1, V. 13

Where must the monkeys always leave their hearts?
A: At home. - p. 49, Ch.17, V. 19

DQ from GB:

How do you rest and refresh your mind?
Inspiration: p. 54, Ch. 22, V. 17

Is humanity heartless?
I: p. 49, Ch. 17, V. 26

Do you actively pursue that which you desire?
I: p. 18, Ch. 9, V. 11

Have you ever pursued that which you desire only to discover that what you had initially perceived as desirable was indeed abhorrent?
I: "", "", "" 

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