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Monday, April 23, 2012

Young Atheist's Handbook

Alom Shaha challenges young Muslims to be honest if they don’t believe, and calls on organised atheism to broaden its appeal beyond an intellectual elite. Here he explains why he wrote it...

Alom Shaha - No more lies | New Humanist:

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  1. I absolutely loved this and it put something that has been bugging me about Sam Harris book into sharp relief, I will probably talk about it today

  2. I hope you're not planning to disagree with one of the teachings of Sam Harris, peace be upon Him. If you do, we atheists will threaten you with physical violence, up to and including your death and the deaths of your family members.

    Oh wait, no we won't. But we probably will engage in lively conversation with you. And should we fail to come to an understanding, we will even agree to disagree. Thanks for your continued willingness to engage on this stuff, it's been a pleasure.

  3. "...children are over-exposed to religious ideas and I think atheists and humanists ought to do more to redress the balance. Religion prospers because religious followers indoctrinate the young; if we want atheism and humanism to flourish, we must take action to ensure more children are exposed to the ideas and values we hold dear."

    And that's why I'd like to rebrand the A&P site and lower our shields. But I need some teammates.