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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Couple things --

1. Sorry I don't post that often. I'm lazy and viciously honest about it.

2. http://http://www.danoah.com/2011/11/im-christian-unless-youre-gay.html Really great article about caring for everybody, no matter how you see yourself stacked up to them. This is the one I mentioned in class; about gays and the hatred for them...then it evolves into an "Everybody Love Everybody" mantra. Very inspiring (at least to me).

3. Nietzsche always brings me back down to Earth when I start swimming in metaphysical thought. We're all just ignorant, proud creatures that assume we "know" truths that we cannot even begin to fathom simply because of the infinite quality of the universe. Any time I remember this, it makes it so much easier to just sit down and write, paint, relax, etc without having to ask myself "What does it all MEAN?!?!" Figured I would remind you guys, just in case anyone has been going through the "sad" or "mad" atheism. There is so much that we cannot know presently. All that we truly have is our own, personal consciousness. Relish in it. :)

[Note: This is not to stifle ambitions to pursue knowledge. It's more of a vacation for the mind if it gets too intense. I know that others can handle these taxing questions better than I can, but if you're having trouble dealing with the weight and reality of the universe, it's comforting to remember that we're just egotistical animals lol.]

4. Anyone else hear about the short film that Bob Pondillo made here on campus? The Miracles on Honeybee Hill is his 23 minute story of a girl that, gasp, loves another girl. The controversy is that these are children portraying a gay relationship. Personally, I see no problem in it, especially considering that Pondillo made it clear that he wanted no sexual aspects involved. There are none. On top of all of this, the message remains important; tolerance, love, acceptance, etc.
The Facebook Page-

Behind the Scenes-

It's an awesome short film and it has an amazing message. Your thoughts?

5. Has ANYONE else kept up with GCB (Good Christian Bitches -- changed to Belles because acronyms with swear words are terrible...apparently)? It's fantastic in television format, truly capturing the heartless, generally terrible culture of southern Christianity in the public sphere. The characters are really interesting, representing MANY facets of Christian living (example: "beard" marriages). I suggest watching some of it. I get a kick out of it every episode.

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