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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are We Living in the Matrix? - final part 1

It has recently come to my attention that there is a theory that our universe is actually just a virtual simulation being run on the computers of people in the distant future. More specifically we are a historical simulation of what happened in human history (they're history, our present), kind of like a future version of a history book.

The theory follows the trend of computer technology advancement. Following Moore's Law, within the next few decades we should have computers that could run a simulation of the entire universe, and with that possibility comes the probability that we will make such a simulation. Further on into the future and such computers will become cheaper, smaller, and more abundant. The prediction is that, following this and other trends such as population growth and civil advancement, by the year 2100 almost every person in our civilization will be running such a simulation on there own computer devices.

So, at this point, there will be billions of simulations being run of our universe...and only one actual universe. What are the odds that our universe is the real one? This is just the first part of the theory. In my following posts I will discuss various evidence we have found that suggests our universe could very well be a simulation.


  1. Love this so much. What was mentioned in class, though, still reigns true. This theory is just as silly as all theism. It's speculation. That's the human condition, though, right? Trying to answer the big one?

    While it pulls off of scientific possibility and observable technological growth, it's still just an interesting idea. In the same breath, it's one of the most intriguing theories, at least to me. This is because it's plausible: unlikely nonetheless, but one can at least see where conclusions were drawn rather than made up.

  2. Well, not *quite* as silly as theism. After all, it posits nothing supernatural. Just humans advancing down the same path that we're already on.

  3. Agreed...Only in this case, we're the Gods...in the future...or the present...or whatever. lol

    Similar to the theory that I'm God, and you are all just my imaginative companions and the world is my fantastical representation of all facets of the possible human self. It's interesting to ponder, but if it's true...who cares? How does it effect me now? Can I "wake up" like Neo? Hmm.

  4. I understand the urge to turn way from this idea, possibly because it's a little scary to think we're just some kid's video game or something. I would just like to say that I do not really support this claim, I just find it fascinating and just plausible enough to be worth looking into. Also I really really want to be able to fly and whatnot, hehe.