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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is God a racist?

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If I did this right, this should be a link to an episode of the fantastic show "The Boondocks" created by writer Aaron McGruder.  In this episode, "The Passion of Uncle Ruckus", the character Uncle Ruckus, who is an enthusiastic Uncle Tom tries to spread the word of "White God".  At the same time, the show's protagonist desperately struggles with the unjust incarceration of his friend.  The episode deals with the problem of evil from a novel perspective; a racial one.  If God is real, Aaron McGruder seems to imply, he sure does like white people.  "He doesn't even remember slavery," Reagan says to Ruckus "except in February."


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  2. And yet, 80% of African Americans believe in God. The power of tradition? Is there an unspoken sentiment that to renounce the faith would be to betray the ancestors, who relied on it to carry them over the figurative River Jordan to the promised land?

  3. Tradition, social inertia, guilt, peer pressure. These are the things that religion is made of.