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Thursday, April 19, 2012

MTSU Professor’s Film Causes Controversy

Here's a case where Tennessee state lawmakers who are still stuck in 1st century Bronze-age thinking on human equality have "expressed concern" over how state funds are being used in relation to Pondillo's film, a film that illuminates hatred, bigotry, and bullying instituted by nothing other than that morally bankrupt, fascist ideology most often referred to as religion. 
"MURFREESBORO, Tenn.- A film directed by an MTSU professor, using a cast of child actors from Middle Tennessee has gotten the attention of one state lawmaker.
Although it may look like a children's movie "The Miracles on Honeybee Hill" is a movie designed to get adults talking.
10-year-old Lucy Turner plays a girl who falls in love with another girl and then is rejected by her church. MTSU Professor Bob Pondillo directed the film and said it is about more than just gay marriage.
"Ultimately it's about caring, friendship and kindness, how can you be against that? That's what puzzles me," said Pondillo.
The film has not yet been released but has already created a stir. At least one MTSU student complained to a state senator's office because she was worried kids were being exploited in a movie about gay marriage.
State Senator Bill Ketron has asked to screen the film, saying ""My office received a communication from an MTSU student who was concerned and upset about this movie .... Especially as it pertains to what the student said were the exploitation of young children."
Professor Pondillo said that he chose to use child actors in the story because of their innocence.
"I wanted to drain the notion of sex, cause of the problem; everybody gets hung up on the sex thing," he said.
Pondillo also said that children's parents all approved the script and were on-set for the filming.
"It was a good message of love, sweetness and Lucy has been exposed to many lifestyles," said Lori Turner, mother to the leading actress, Lucy Turner.
Senator Ketron has expressed concern about the university's role in providing resources for the film (emphasis mine).  News Channel 5 sent a copy of the film to Senator Ketron's office and has not yet received a response."

Wait until they find out about Dr. Oliver's class. Sheesh...

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