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Monday, April 9, 2012

When God Talks Back

There was an absolutely great segment on Fresh Air this morning that you guys can read about and listen to HERE.

It is by an anthropologist who spent a significant amount of time in the Evangelical community, and it ranges over a lot of the same discussions we've been having in class. Everything from the motivations of believers, the extremes faith can be can be taken to in the Christian community, to the very real benefits of a focused prayer life (benefits which, unfortunately for the believers, can easily be replicated by secular meditation techniques). I thought the most interesting point she made though, was at one point she talks about how Christianity as we know it today could only come out of modernity. The Evangelical movement is very much one focused on right practice, repeatable results, a very organized and methodical mindset, all sorts of traits that would not be associated with medieval Christianity, for better and worse.

I just thought I'd share, I was fascinated by the whole hour.

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  1. I tried to listen to that but only lasted about three minutes, the guest's social science standpoint and professional commitment to relativism ("Who are we to say whether anyone's religious practice is true or false?") didn't sit well alongside my recent reading of Harris. Maybe I'll try her again.