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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Progressive Muslims Launch Gay-Friendly, Women-Led Mosques In Attempt To Reform American Islam

Roll back the stoning...

It seems that all the Abrahamic religions' dilemma is: we've got community, we've got these ornate buildings, we've got this wonderful architecture, we've got these great songs and chants, but what do we do with this damn bronze-age book filled with violence.


  1. The push-back will be interesting to watch.

  2. I know! They could interpret it to be consistent with our hard-won modern views of morality and equality, ending up with something so radically different that they might as well have just thrown out the whole thing and started over! Brilliant!

    I guess progress is progress, but sometimes the mind blowing silliness of the whole enterprise just overwhelms me.

  3. I always wonder how long it will be before some religious cultures ditch the Abrahamic gods and invents or adopts some others that are more in line with the current zeitgeist. It's bound to happen because it always has in the past. No sense in thinking we're special.