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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Belief in God vs Christianity

In Michael Tooley's essay he talks about the difference between believing in Christian mythology and simply believing in some sort of god. This difference, I think, is one that has pushed many atheists to jump to conclusions, or rather, not considering the difference. Myself included. I used to be a full-on atheist for most of my life for this very reason. Whenever I thought of God, I thought of the God portrayed by the big three.

Then I played an old video-game called Xenosaga that made me think about the idea of God in a much different light. (trust me I know how dorky that sounds) I won't go into detail about the plot of the game, if you want to know just play it yourself, but it essentially merged divinity and science into one idea.

Ever since then I have been unable to look at the world around me and think that such a thing in all its finely-tuned wonder and beauty could simply happen for no reason at all. I now firmly believe that some sort of conscious entity thought all this up and either manifested or is actively manifesting reality as we see it. I have already discussed one of my theories about the nature of such an entity in my "United Mind" posts. Perhaps I will discuss one of the others in the next extended post project.

Q: Does Tooley think it would be good if it turned out that God does indeed exist?
A: yes


  1. I remember Xenosaga. I never finished that game because it was so long, like, three PS2 CDs long, but I played it once. I thought it was fun, but I was too young to grasp the philosophical undertones present. Thanks for bringing these to light. :)

  2. The world could simply be stranger than we can imagine, too. Somebody famous said, I think....

  3. Oh wow someone else knows what that game is? I've never met anyone else that's even heard of it.