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Monday, March 26, 2012

Exam 2 question

1.  Graham Oppy believes that the universe has a completely physical constitution.


2.What "reformed" evangelical preacher appeared on Donahue in the 90s?

`Dan Barker

3.  A thorough job of proving beyond all reasonable doubt, according to Nicholas Everitt, involves showing ________________________.

`that none of the arguments in favor of God's existence succeeds.

4. Ophelia Benson holds that we can not know that God has ideal properties if we can not even know his _________________ properties.


5.  J.L. Schellenberg calls his particular skepticism ________________.


6.  Who apparently conceived of the opposition between the "secular" and the "eternal"?

`Augustine of Hippo

7.  Kelly O'Connor says that Christianity in essence manufactures the stain that it gets out.


8.  Believing in God is normal in East Germany.


there's a start.....


  1. Thanks, Steven. If everybody will add a question or two we'll be set for Tuesday.

  2. According to Haldeman, what is the difference between faith and belief?
    Answer: Faith is simply there, while belief requires a belief system to explain how things work