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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Group 1: McGowan - "The Unconditional Love of Reality"

For me, this single quote was worth the price of admission:

"Finally, I knew that our growing knowledge of the universe and ourselves more often than not contradicted biblical claims. The advance of knowledge should prove scripture more and more accurate if it were valid; instead there's a steady retreat into the remaining gaps in what we know. It all seemed like a quickly unraveling fabric of delusion."

Jesus, you got some explaining to do.

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  1. Cute closing line, David :P

    I love this quote. It describes exactly what a lot of us go through when we start critically examining scriptures. They seem to stray away from the logical improvement we make as we grow and learn. I, like many, dislike the opression of knowledge for a hopeful transcendence.

    Maybe we could have a question like:
    According to McGowan, the advange of knowledge would prove scripture accurate if it (scripture) were _____
    A. understandable
    B. easy to relate to
    C. valid
    D. some other fourth thing...