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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kelley OConnor aka Kasey Grant

Lest anyone be concerned that we are unjustly smearing Ms. OConnor's character by labeling her an adult film star (not that being such is a smear,) here is her self-written bio from her own website. Of course this information needn't be relevant to her writing, but it is interesting in its own regard.

I’ve been working in some form of the adult industry my entire life, beginning with stripping at 17. In Dec 2007, I was the featured dancer in Philadelphia and profiled inPhiladelphia Weekly. I didn’t move into anything resembling porn until May of 2007 when I quit dancing and started working on webcam sites. The internet was a natural fall-back position for me since, at the time, I was running a very large website (which had nothing to do with sex) that had received quite a bit of notoriety and landed me on Nightline twice, in the New York Times three times, in a full-three page article in Radar magazine once, plus at least radio appearances and/or mentions on every major news network in the world. (You can research the “Blasphemy Challenge” for more information.”) An essay of mine was even published in the book 50 Voices of Disbelief, which can be found on Amazon or any major bookstore. As far as porn goes, I started off only doing solo shows online, moved to live sex shows, then started recording them and selling them from my own website.

My first professional porn shoot was for Score Group. I did a short scene for them and a magazine spread. Shortly after that, I was hired to work at the Bunny Ranch in Carson City, NV, which was to be a short-lived partnership. I also worked at Sheri’s Ranch in Pahrump, NV. Unhappy with the exorbitant brothel fees, I decided to take my chances doing porn more seriously, and for the short time that I’ve been in the business, I must say that I’m shocked at the type of opportunities that have arisen as a result. I have done three book covers, one calledWashington, D.C.’s Scandals of Hypocrisy: From Larry Craig’s Guilt to Paul Stanley’s Extortion,Marilyn Manson: Creating an Antichrist, and Selling Sex in Miami, FL.


  1. I stand corrected. And nonplussed.

  2. So what you're saying is, do not Google search her on an MTSU computer. Got ya.

  3. So...I watched some of the debate between Cameron,Comfort,Sapient,and Ms. O'Connor. I have an undergraduate in Science and a few Graduate degrees in Chemistry. I heard a lot of stuff that anyone can Wikipedia.I assume Ms. O'Connor does not have a Science degree Because if she does...I need to ask Penn State to return my money. I was a bit surprised to hear so much garbage passed off as Science. As a former Aethist...You need to get your facts straight when it comes to science which is entirely predicated on philosophy. Formal education certainly helps in a debate and it is easily observed when you have none.