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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Part one: Why Be Strident?

We are often talking about the stridency of the new atheists. We talk about being sensitive to the beliefs of because they give their lives deep meaning. In my next 3 posts I will be giving examples of why non-believers shout be ratcheting up the voices of reason to drown out the hysterical shrieks of the faithful.
The definition of Christian Zionist: Christian evangelicals who avow support of Israel based on a belief in Biblical end-times scenarios. This particular sect is currently lobbying Washington for a preemptive strike on Iran because it believes that we are witnessing the fulfillment of end time prophecy found in the Old Testament. If you don’t think that this presents a problem at the moment you are dead wrong. We are in the endurance portion of the republican primary, and candidates such as Newt Gingritch have been beating the drums of war as he tours the countries heartland. This is not a fringe preacher wailing from a pulpit in Missouri; it’s a candidate for the republican nomination. This may seem that Newt is doing nothing more than toeing the republican line of preemptive war. However, this is only part of the answer.
There is a large portion of the republican electorate that identify with the evangelical Christian denomination. This Christian sect has been awaiting the end of the world with excitement. Since secular people do not believe in biblical prophecy, then they shouldn’t care about this right? Wrong. Before Jesus can come back to rule the world there must be a “tribulation”, or a time of great conflict. This conflict is based around the state of Israel, specifically the city of Jerusalem.
While the military industrial complex may be using their lobbyists to sharpen America’s claws for another dust up in the desert, the evangelicals are excited by any candidate that is willing to hasten the great conflict that will spark the unrest that will proceed Jesus’ second coming.
This is why strident atheism is necessary. If unbelievers are unwilling to hurt feelings then we can expect politicians to pander to the credulous believers that look forward to the end, and who will financially back any candidate who will help them bring it on already.


  1. What has two thumbs and approves of strident atheism?

    If the harshest criticism the religious apologists can lob in our direction is that of stridency, I gladly own it and continue to wait for substantive refutations of our arguments.

  2. Don't worry, with the 2d Coming the New Jerusalem will emerge. From Missouri, Mitt says. Some of this stuff is so silly that stridency should not be needed, just a spotlight. And a sense of humor. Dan Savage replied to Santorum's "I'll pray for him" with "I'll gay for him."