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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daily Quiz

March 27

1. In what way does R agree with critics of the London bus ads?

2. What's the Dawkins delusion, acc'ing to R?

3. What's R's Rx for Welschmertz?

4. What's R's anti-libertarian consequence of denying free will?

5. Do the humanities create knowledge, according to R?

6. Why isn't scientism a form of fatalism (rather than determinism)?

7. Who is R's ancient Greek "nice nihilist" hero?

8. Good Book-?

1. "probably"-275. 2. substitute-278. 3. prozac etc.-282. 4. 294-5. 5. Nope-299. 6. 308. 7. Epicurus-313.

8. This one's easy, here at the end of "Histories": "Anyone can discourse for ever... But instead of listening to discourses only, let us day by day fix our eyes on the good... And then we will have helped fulfil the promise that lay in the victory of the Greeks over the Persians: To be free in honour, and wise in freedom." (114.49-52)

"There is no really compelling story in the beauty of science..."-282. Do you find a compelling story there? Why would any self-avowed advocate of scientism not find one? Is R's authorial voice not compelled? Did he strike the keys randomly?

Isn't R kind of a self-loathing humanist (i.e., student/teacher of Humanities)?

Why doesn't R like the last 3 chapters of Dennett's Darwin book? 319

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