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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daily Quiz

March 20

1. What does scientism supposedly show about the first-person POV?

2.  What does "conversation" have in common with the flicking of a frog's tongue?


3. R says there are no purposes or designs in nature, thanks to Newton and Darwin.

4. R says Mother Nature made us love stories and see conspiracies everywhere.

5. R likes to read, watch, and listen to stories.

6. R calls the attempt to reconcile natural science and common sense "naturalism."

7. R's point about Freaky Friday is that it presupposes a physical self.

8. A favorite Good Book passage?

1. illusion-194. 2. Both are adaptive behaviors stored in neural circuitry-197. 3. T-206. 4. T-211. 5. T-214. 6. T-218. 7. F-221. 8. [76.26-29, contending for "honour"]


Elephants, dogs, primates, sharing & collaboration...198-9

Why does R denigrate matter as "just clumps..."? 204

Plans, purposes, designs, & the future-205

Meaning="snake oil"-207

Sentences & thoughts=crude indicators of brain states-208-210

On the mystification and frustration of the humanities-212

Either/or, re: neuroscience and introspection-213

Common sense and conscious planning-217

Nagel, bats-229f.

Heidegger, subjectivity-231

Fantastic Voyage, Leibniz-234-5

Quantum indeterminism-237-8

Purposes & designs popping up, God-239

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