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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Daily Quiz

March 18

1. Why must introspection be "wrong"?

2. What's "blindsight"?

3. Why can't conscious decisions cause actions?

4. Does R think foresight is possible?

5. Why do visual illusions trick us?

6. What's the relation between science and common sense, according to R?

7. Does R deny that we think?

8. Your favorite Good Book chapter-&-verse today?

1. R says science has already contradicted the "immediate experience" of free will, mind, soul, self, personhood etc.-147. 2. Seeing without conscious visual experience-149. 3. They come too late-152. 4. Nope, it's really hindsight and "just another Darwinian process"-155. [Did you see Cosmos ep.2 on sight? Hardly so ho-hum!]. 5. They're hard-wired adaptations from our evolutionary past that we can't escape-161. 6. Science is common sense continually improving itself-167. 7. No-170.
8. Mine: "success attends those who act boldly, not those who weigh everything." (Histories 60.27) 

If nonconcscious brain events are the real "deciders," what are some implications (for politics and public life, for example)? [GWB? BQ!].

Are you impressed with R's explanation of why we should read a book that, like everything else anyone ever thinks, is "not about anything"?-193

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