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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Th 26 Baggini 1-3 What is atheism?; The case for atheism; atheist ethics; Pascal’s Wager; Euthyphro dilemma

Let's distribute these topics, at least for purposes of posting, among the *five groups. Everybody try to come up with discussion topics and factual questions about Baggini's first three chapters accordingly-i.e., Group #1 concentrate on "What is atheism?" and Group #2 on "The case...," Group #3 on "atheist ethics," Group #4 on Pascal's Wager, & Group #5 on the Euthyphro dilemma.

Here's Baggini's video "Secular Believers."

(If you've forgotten...)

*1. Kat Kolby, Parker Hardy, David Broome, Meghan von Colln, Jamie Sutton

2. Steven Wolfe, Dean Hall, Ben Conrad, John Holloway, David Brandt

3. Josh Yardley, Brian Woulfe, Erik McInnis

4. Joshua Hay, Matthew Busman, Joe Heath, Patrick Gibbons, David Nagy

5. Brian Murphy, Daniel Murphy, Andrew Mitchell, Jonathan Rarick, Rachel Brooks

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