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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Group 4 Arguments 26 and 27

Argument 26:  The argument for the survival of the Jews

The argument says that the Jews were responsible for giving the world the concept of one God.  Also the Jews have beaten the odd of survival from many different sources that threatened them for many year.  Since it seems implausible that there is a rational way that they have been able to survive for this long, they must be protected by God, thus God exist.  The first flaw with this argument is that there are many different reasons that helped the Jews survive the threats against them.  This like there lack a central land of there own and many of there cultural traits have help the adapt and survive the threats against them.  There is a rational explanation for there survival and it doesn't necessary have to be God that is responsible for there years of survival.  I don't think that God is responsible for the Jews survival, but rather there skills, values, and strength is what has kept them alive.

Argument 27:  The argument from the upward curve in history

The argument says that as history goes on, there is a rise in the morality of the world.  The good guys win and evil loses.  Next that natural selection favors the aggressive and selfish trait.  These traits allow them to win the battle for resources.  These selfish traits that are necessary for survival contradicts the rise of good morality we have seen throughout history.  Only a all powerful, benevolent God has the power and morality to guide us on this morality upswing, thus God exist.  The flaw that is stated is that this argument assumes that all of the traits that allow us to survive are based in a selfish and aggressive behaviors.  There is a lot of other behaviors that have allowed us to survive, such as reasoning and learning.  We have been able to learn from history that helping others and also help you survive.  People wouldn't live very long if we tried to get through life on our own.  I also have a problem with the first part of the argument that states that there has been a rise in morality.  It can be said that the morality of the winners throughout history have had there morality claimed to be good morality, mostly because there are the most powerful and survive the longest.  Also with so many moral codes in the world, who is to say abjectly that one is better than the other.

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